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The history and development of Rehau


Rehau is one of the leading family-run groups that provide polymer-based solutions for construction, automotive, and industry all over the world. With its proprietary uPVC extrusion process, Rehau produces uPVC profiles with high-quality, optimal efficiency, and environmentally friendly.  

Established in 1948 in GerHeadquartersmany, Rehau has operated over 170 subsidiaries with more than 18,000 employees in 54 countries. Rehau has currently continued to expand its scale to over 6 continents. In addition, Rehau has always strived to remain its  independence in the future and aims to move forward to long-term goals instead of prioritizing short-term profits such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, optimal transportation, and sustainability.

Headquarters of Rehau

Rehau is always looking for means of techniques and formulation that could expand a wider application for Polymer materials. One of Rehau’s approaches is conventional materials with more capable polymer materials and creates solutions that generate added value for our customers.

The history and development of Rehau
Founded in the Bavarian town of Rehau. Three employees, one extruder. Initial products included shoe welting, garden hoses and automotive components.

Manufacturing of arm straps and sideboards begins for the VW Beetle.


Manufacturing of arm straps and sideboards begins for the VW Beetle.

REHAU participates in Germany’s first heart operation using silicone tubes.

Extrusion of first PVC window profile and first magnetic gasket system for refrigerator doors.

REHAU expands to North American, opening a sales office in New York City.

North American production begins in Montreal with handrails, stair nosings and cove bases.

North American headquarters is established in Montreal.

With start of production in Winnipeg, Manitoba, REHAU is first to introduce welded vinyl window systems to North America.

Profession of Plastics Technician introduced on REHAU's initiative.

First bumper produced for the VW Passat.

North American headquarters moves to Leesburg, Virginia.

Automated paint line for automotive components is installed at REHAU Germany's Plant Brake.


First underfloor heating system is installed using PEX pipe pioneered by REHAU in 1986.

REHAU introduces two-year training in which technicians receive a federally certified diploma

REHAU's compression sleeve fitting is launched.


REHAU Fitting Sleeve
Plant in Baie d’Urfé, Québec, begins production.

REHAU introduces radiant heating and snow melting to the North American market
First RAU-SIK silicone seal goes into space aboard the Ariane rocket.

REHAU fiber-reinforced materials are incorporated in the Airbus family.

Plant in Cullman, Alabama, is built to supply the first Mercedes vehicle produced in North America.

First polymer fender is put into large-scale series production by REHAU for the Audi A2.

REHAU's First Polymer Window Profile
Company founder Helmut Wagner transfers control of the company to his sons. Jobst Wagner becomes president of the board of directors and Dr. Veit Wagner becomes vice president.

REHAU ART, the meeting point for dialog, art and history, is opened at the company’s headquarters in Rehau (Germany).

REHAU ART officially opened as a unique cultural rendezvous in the town of Rehau

Kết quả dịch

Kết quả bản dịchREHAU introduces innovative RAUPANELTM dry-panel installation system for radiant heating.

REHAU introduces innovative RAUPANELTM dry-panel installation system for radiant heating.

Medical technology business becomes an independent subsidiary of REHAU under the name RAUMEDIC.

Received patent for windshield molding design that eliminates micro-cracking at the windshield's edge.

Participates in the construction of the first German Passivhaus in North America, Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota.

REHAU develops zero-joint technology in edgeband processing

Introduces Ski-Line, an innovative ski jumping track system that combines summer and winter tracks into a single module.

Introduces GENEO®, a fully reinforced window profile system made from the high-tech material RAUFIPRO®.

Introduces REHAU ECOAIRTM, an air to ground heat exchange system for the preconditioning and dehumidification of residential and commercial ventilation.

Replaces traditional materials with polymers in RELAZZO terrace system, based on RAU-WOOD WPC composite material, and RAUTITAN polymer fitting system.

Completes REHAU heat pump energy-efficient program for heating and cooling.

Awarded Bavarian Quality Prize in the Industry category for outstanding process and product quality as well as for an innovative company-wide quality assurance concept; recognized by the Bavarian State Government for active protection of environment and health.

Develops ULTRALITEC, a new type of production process that combines fibers with thermoplastic using a special compression molding and laying technique.



From the edgeband to the furniture surface: With its new RAUVISIOTMglass and high gloss laminates, REHAU makes a decisive step towards being a full-range supplier to the furniture industry. 

RAUVISIO High-gloss Laminate
GENEO INOVENT – The window that ventilates while closed thanks to an integrated ventilation system and therefore reduces energy losses.

REHAU presents an innovative bicycle frame concept called nam:e which allows frames of e-bikes to be industrially manufactured in Germany and which captivates with individual designs as well functions and surprising features which can be integrated.

REHAU is now an approved material manufacturer for BOEING with the RAU-FLIGHT material being developed in-house.

The REHAU Smart Guard window alarm system already discourages burglars in several escalation stages from a potential break-in.

REHAU invents Smart Guard window alarm system
REHAU further develops the high-tech material for windows: RAU-FIPRO X opens up new perspectives in terms of size, design, energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Two new systems for more comfort and safety: The RE.SOURCE water dispenser delivers filtered water at the touch of a button, cooled or heated and, if desired, sparkling with carbon dioxide. The smart RE.GUARD water control unit protects against water damage thanks to modern technology.

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